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                                 Malatya Dried Apricots ...

                                                                                 Whether you looking for the best snack or dessert, apricots are considered as the best
                                                                           option because of their various benefits. They are low in calories, easy to digest, high in
                                                                           fiber, fat free and very tasty. Apart from this, they are enriched with various nutrients and
                                                                           vitamins. By consuming them, you can also resolve many heart-related problems. Moreover,
                                                                           if you want to maintain your blood pressure, then you should consume dried apricots that will
                                                                           give all the essential nutrients for e.g. potassium, magnesium, copper, beta carotene, iron
                                                                           etc. In all over the world, there are many top manufacturers that offer excellent quality dried
                                                                         apricots to all the people.

                                                                                  Amongst them, Malatya Apricot is one of the leading companies in Malatya /Turkey that
                                                                           specialize in producing sun dried, unsulfured, organic and dice apricots. Being one of the top
                                                                           conventional dried apricots exporters, we have listed in the first five companies. Apart
                                                                           from this, we also have many certifications such as Kosher certified thru Star-k, HACCP and
                                                                           ISO-9001 2000 for offering excellent products to all the people. The prime goal of our
                                                                           company is to introduce best quality products. For this, we always use great technical
                                                                           equipments and tools. Apart from this, we also provide special attention on the requirements
                                                                           of the clients. On the other hand, if you are associated with the business ofnatural dried
                                                                           apricots, then we can help you to grow your business. To produce the best products, we
                                                                           have various production processes including pre-washing, cleaning step, second washing,
                                                                           quality control, resting unit, sized unit, packaging, metal detector and then shipment.
                                                                           Besides, we have vast experience to work with the topmost companies in across the world.
                                                                           We will help you to improve your introduction by producing private label and by creating

                                                                                  After completing the entire process, you will have the brand just as biggest brands. For
                                                                           this, you have to just share with us your private label sticker only. For any queries or
                                                                           concerns, you can contact us by telephone or by email. In either case, you can also walk-in
                                                                           our factory to co-operate and have a great relationship with us. To learn more, please log on
                                                                           to our company's website anytime.

        928 49 71 Fax: 00 90 422 848 10 80 email: web:
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